Command Format, [optionalParameters=defaultValue]);

  • void Client.WaitPrompt('text', 'serial'=0, 'type'=all);

Add a prompt hook.

  • text - input text

  • serial - serial of prompt object. If serial equals 0, serial check will be ignored.

  • type - prompt type. all - all types; ascii - only ASCII prompts; unicode - only UNIDCODE prompts;

  • void Client.CancelWaitPrompt();

Cancel all prompt hooks.

  • bool Client.PrompsExists();

Returns true if a prompt is active.

  • String Client.PromptSerial();

Returns prompt serial as string.

  • String Client.PromptID();

Returns prompt id as string.

  • void Client.SendPrompt('text');

Send prompt response ( if there's a prompt active ) with text input.