Scripts -> Scripts


  1. Running scripts list - list of the running scripts.

  2. Existing scripts list - list of the existing scripts.

// - comments.

//--#text - can be used to make a visible comment (highlighted in gray) in the list of scripts and hotkeys.

  1. Start - to start the selected script.

  2. Pause - set the execution of the selected script (Running scripts list) to pause.

  3. Stop - to stop the selected script (Running scripts list).

  4. Script file path - the path to the currently loaded script file.

  5. Load the script (select in the dialog).

  6. Open script editor.

  7. Script example - link to "Scripts" section. (forum)

  8. Record script - clicking record will record your actions in game and converted to a script. (in developing)

  9. Reload script - Reload current script file (using file path from №6). All unsaved changes in current file will be lost!