1. Account/Server list.

  2. X:UO Folder Path where to install or find CrossUO installation. You can have multiples installations with diferent versions, when changing and Check Updates is checked, if any update is available then the launcher will go directly to the Update tab.

  3. Path selector to set the CrossUO Folder.

  4. Check Updates Automatically check for updates in the current X:UO Folder.

  5. Command line Additional commands passed to the client on launch.

  6. Auto login Auto login in the game server.

  7. Save password Save password for next session.

  8. Save aero (for assistant) (Windows only) disable/enable aero.

  9. Run UOAM (Windows only) Run UO Auto Map in conjunction with the client. The map must be in the folder with the UO Client files. File path: /Map/EnhancedMap.exe.

  10. Fast login Automatically enter the game when the client starts.

  11. Launch Launch the client with selected parameters.

  12. Close after launch Close the launcher after the client starts.


  1. Name Profile name for current account/server settings.

  2. Address Server IP or Address. Format: address,port; Example:,2593

  3. Account Your login.

  4. Password Your password.

  5. Show password display your password while enabled.

  6. Client Path Ultima Online install folder where to find data files.

  7. Version Client Version number to emulate (based on the shard requirements).

  8. Type Client Type/Era to emulate (based on the shard requirements).

  9. Use Crypt Enable/disable protocol cryptography.

  10. Use proxy Use a proxy server when connecting.

  11. List of saved proxy servers.

  12. Add new Add current setting as a new configuration.

  13. Save Save current selected settings.

  14. Remove Delete selected configuration.