1. List of options:

Corpses autoopen - automatically opens new nearby corpse.

Stealth steps counter - Counts steps while in stealth.

Bards/Animal sound filter - Disables play music/animal sounds ( not working yet ).

Always light - Disable change of day and night.

Filter weather - Disable weather effects.

Filter season - Disable season effects.

No death screen - Disables black screen on death (your screen will still become gray when you're a ghost).

Open doors - Automatically opens closed doors ( not working yet ).

Corpse tracker - Displays quest arrow after death. It'll show you direction to your corpse.

Stay on top - Assistant window will always stay on top.

Fast rotation - accelerates a rotation of the character.

Recurse containers search - container search is recursive by default (search in packages).

Minimize to tray - minimise the assistant window in system tray.

  1. Assistant messages show: - What kind of assistant messages should be displayed on the screen:

  • Minimum - Errors only.

  • Medium - Errors and warnings.

  • Show all - Errors, warnings and functional messages.

  1. Search objects distance - Distance for object search on the ground.

  2. Use objects distance - Distance to use object on the ground.

  3. Open corpses distance - Distance for corpse openings.

  4. keep delay (ms) - Amount of time new corpse IDs wll stay in memory queue(for corpse opening).

  5. Wait targets delay - Default wait target delay in ms.

  6. Move items delay - Default items movement delay in ms.

  7. Use items delay - Default items usage delay in ms.

  8. Assist window opacity - Sets opacity for assistant and it's sub-windows.

  9. Save configuration - save the current configuration.