Scripts -> Hotkeys


  1. List of used hotkeys.

  2. Command prefix - in-game prefix for commands, maximum 5 characters.

  3. Pass keys to the UO client.

  4. On/Off hotkeys - to enable / disable the use of all hotkeys.

  5. On/Off hotkey - hotkey that can be used to switch On / Off mode.

  6. Hotkey

  7. Script - the name of the script from the list for use by pressing the hotkey.

  8. Add hotkey - to add a new hotkey with the entered data.

  9. Edit selected hotkey - to save changes to the selected hotkey.

  10. Remove hotkey

  11. Run one script - to prevent scripts from restarting. Only one script can be started at a time.

  12. Short script body - small editor for short scripts, to avoid creation of the small functions . Editor fully supports the functionality of the loaded script file.