Client Macro Object Class

Command Format, [optionalParameters=defaultValue]);

MacroObject Client.CreateClientMacro('action', ['subAction']);

Creates a MacroObject instance with gives action and possible subactions.

Returns a MacroObject object.


//This creates a 'BandageSelf' client macro and instantly executes it.
Client.CreateClientMacro('BandageSelf').Play(false, 1000);

void macro.AddAction('action', ['subAction']);

Add action entry to macros.

void macro.Play([waitWhileMacroPlaying=false], [delay=100500]);

Play macro in client.

Attention! Only 1 macro can be played in client at a time!

Multiple requests to play a macro while there's a macro already playing will cancel each other out. Last requested macro will be played.

waitWhileMacroPlaying Will wait if there's a macro already playing.

delay Delay to wait for current macro completion.