X:UO Assist Features


  1. List of adjustable options:

    Corpses autoopen Automatically opens new nearby corpse.

    Stealth steps counter Counts steps while in stealth.

    Sound filter Filter of sounds.

    Light filter Filter of day and night.

    Weather filter Filter of weather changes.

    Season filter Disable season effects.

    No death screen Disables black screen on death (your screen will still become gray when you're a ghost).

    Auto open doors Automatically opens closed doors.

    Tracker Displays quest arrow after death. It'll show you direction to your corpse.



    Fast rotation Accelerates a rotation of the character.

    Recurse search Container search is recursive by default (search in packages).

    Autostart Invoke Autostart function (from scripts) when entering the game.

    Ignore staminacheck Ignoring the client stamina check when passing through the characters.

    Party agent Use of party agent.

    Shop agent Use of shop agent.

    Tray icon Minimize the assistant window in system tray.

  1. List of adjustable groups of script commands:

    Information Info/InfoTile/InfoMenu commands.

    Text window Text box commands.

    Containers search Searching objects in the containers, FindType/FindList commands.

    Ground search Searching objects on the ground, FindType/FindList commands.

    Moving Character's move commands in the world.

    Resend Server Synchronisation Command.

    Journal Use of journal commands.

    Rename mounts RenameMount command.

    Buy Auto-buy commands.

    Sell Auto-sell commands.

    Hide Command to hide objects from the screen, Hide command.

    Move items Commands for moving items, MoveItem/Drop/DropHere.

    Morph Transformation into a creature, Morph command.

    Emote actions Emotion reproduction, EmoteAction command.

    Find/Ignore types Ability to use FindType search commands and Ignore / IgnoreReset object ignoring commands.

    Find arrays Use of search list, FindList command.

    Client options Commands for obtaining and setting client options.

    Corpse search Use of corpse objects search, FindType/FindList commands.

    Extended menu Advanced commands for working with the menu.

    Buffs Use of Buffs commands.

    Trading Use of Trade window commands.

    Friend list Use of friend list commands.

    Enemy list Use of enemy list commands.

    Font color Commands for changing the font color.

    Extended target tile Commands for auto-detecting the type of tiles when using targets.

  1. Output code for emulator - For which emulator to generate the code. The code is generated when the type is switched.

  1. The generated code for adjusting the options and commands of the assistant.