Agents -> Dress


  1. List of the saved sets.

  2. Items in set - the list of the items in the selected set.

  3. Name - a name of the set.

  4. Add dress set - to add a new set with the entered data.

  5. Edit selected dress set - to save changes in the selected set.

  6. Remove dress set

  7. Undress before dressing - undress items at the current layer before dressing new clothes.

  8. Dress selected set - dress the current set.

  9. Undress (completely)

  10. Apply current equipment to set - to save the current equipment that is dressed on the character.

  11. Apply weapon and shield to set - to save weapon and shield that is dressed on the character.

  12. Apply armor to set - to save the armor that is dressed on the character (without shield).

  13. Clear set items - to clear the item list of the selected set.

  14. Item from target - to specify the object by using a target in the client from which you want to read the information about the item.