Display -> Configuration.


  1. Display data on title - Display data in clients title.

  • Disabled.

  • Textual - As text.

  • Colored textual - As coloured text.

  • Colored graphical - As coloured text with possible images.

  1. Double image if item can be stacked.

  2. Hight font - Enlarge the font when Color mode enabled.

  3. Apply notoriety color on player name - Consider the character's wickedness when Color mode enabled.

  4. Text color - The color of the text delimiters.

  5. Background color - Background color, if color is 0 - the standard system window color is used. For black color use - 000001.

  6. Insert command - Insert a command from the list.

  7. Set title from group - Replace the content of "Title data" with the template entered in the selected group.

  8. Title data - Content to display in the header.

Elements of the header can be changed in the text, using the attributes:

"text", "id", "hue", "mincolor", "midcolor", "color", "background", "bgmincolor", "bgmidcolor", "bgcolor", "minval", "midval", "%"

For instance:

Output to the header (when Colored graphical is on) "Armor: 'picture' 'value'".