Options tab 2


  1. Debug options - output debugging information to the window;

    • No debug - do not display information about debugging

    • FPS only - Отображать только количество FPS;

    • Debugging - Show debugging information (fps count, scale , loaded object amount e.t.c).

  2. FPS rate - Desired fps count (Actual may differ from the one indicated here under heavy loads and / or at a slow video card).

  3. Reduce FPS when UO window is unactive - Урезать ФПС если окно неактивно.

  4. Standard characters animation delay - Standard delay between changing frames of living being animations.

  5. Standard items animation delay - The standard delay between changing frames of inanimated objects.

  6. Use scaling in game window - use scaling of game window (test version).

  7. Remove object's text with alpha-blending - text deleting with alpha blending (smooth text removal).

  8. Draw characters status mode - show character status in the world:

    • No draw - do not show;

    • Above character (Text) - Show above character (displayed with text);

    • Under character (Line) - Show under character (gump with hp line).

    Draw characters status condition - conditions for character status display:

    • Always - always display;

    • HP <> MaxHP - Display only if hp is not equal to max.(more or less);

    • HP lower % - hp is lower of displayed % of max.

  9. Change trees to stumps - trees will be replaced with stumps;

  10. Marking cave tiles - caved tiles;

  11. Hide vegetation - hide vegetation;

  12. No fields animation - inanimate fields;

  13. Lock gumps moving - Ability to block accidental closing or moving of certain types of gump. When the option is on and Ctrl + Alt is pressed, locks appear on the available gumps. Green - gump not locked, red - blocked;

  14. Chat need press 'Enter' to activate it - For chat activation press enter;

  15. Hidden characters display mode - display mode of hidden characters:

  • Original - without changes;

  • With alpha-blending, alpha - uses alpha-blending, value is configurable;

  • With spectral color - uses spectral color;

  • With special spectral color - uses special spectral color;

  1. Change hidden characters mode only for your person - changes hidden characters only for yourself;

  2. Transparent spell icons, alpha - use transparency for cast icons. level is configurable;

  3. Old style maximized statusbar - in new client maximied statusbar is shown from old client gump;

  4. Original party statusbar gump - replace party statusgroup to basic;

  5. Colorize characters by state - colorize characters based on state (poisoned, paralyzed);

  6. Change animated fields to tiles - change fields to tiles;

  7. Add paperdoll slots - add slots to paperdoll for small things;

  • Scale images in slots - scale objects on paperdoll (test version);

  1. Remove statusbars without objects - remove statusbar,whose objects cannot be seen

  2. Show console entry mode under game window - console entry mode under game window;

  3. Draw aura under characters mode -draw aura under character:

  • Never - never show;

  • Only in war mode - show only if war mode is on

  • Always - always show.

  1. Draw aura only if Ctrl pressed - draw aura if Ctrl is pressed;

  2. Screenshots format - screen format:

  • BMP;

  • PNG;

  • TIFF;

  • JPEG (by using this type, there might be crashes).

  1. Remove or new draw objects displaying with use blending - smoothly remove/draw world objects/statics with alpha-blending use.

  2. Draw helmets on shroud in the world - draw helmet about shroud in the world;

  3. Draw world map before all gumps - draw world map for all gumps;

  4. No draw roofs - without roof draws.