Agents -> Shop tab


  1. Created buying/selling goods lists.

  2. Goods list name.

  3. Add new shop list.

  4. Edit selected shop list.

  5. Remove selected shop list.

  6. Edit shop list items.

  7. Auto buy - will automatically buy goods from selected list on shop buy gump opening.

  8. Buy - sends "VendorName buy" speech and buys everything from selected list.

  9. Auto sell - will automatically sell goods from selected list on shop sell gump opening.

  10. Sell - sends "VendorName sell" speech and sells everything from selected list.

  11. Vendor name - if not defined, buy/sell operations will be applied to any vendor in range.

  12. Show shopping progress bar.

  13. Max shop stacks - maximum amount of goods when selling/buying.

  14. Max total sell price.

  15. Shop delay for 1 stack in list.

  16. Timeout if shop not recv. - time-out (in seconds), which will remove buy/sell shop gump hook.