Display -> Items editor


Display objects that are used to reduce the amount of visible text in the title.

All display items - are common to all the characters.

  1. The list of items to display.

  2. Name - The name of the display object.

  3. Add item - Add a new object using the entered data.

  4. Edit the selected item - Save the changes to the selected object.

  5. Delete element - delete the object.

  6. Type - The type of object to recognize it in the assistant.

  7. The text - the text to display in front of the object (not displayed when using the graphics).

  8. ID - Pictures Index of Art.mul static block.

  9. Tint - Color palette of Hues.mul.

  10. ID & Hue from the target - the specified object to the client from which you want to read information in the field of ID and Hue.

  11. with the background - there is a background behind the object.

  12. The calculation of color in the percentage - Value calculation is made in % of the maximum value (Hits: MaxHits / Mana / Stam / weight).

  13. Value - The value at which color applies to the text and background.

  14. The color of the text - color text.

  15. Background Color - background color, if you specify a 0 - the background will not be used.